Meet the Artist


Hi! I'm Brenda Parker, the designer and creator of BrendaBears™. I was drawn into the wonderful world of bear making in 1993. I have always had a love for sewing and all things creative. For me, what began as a craft business quickly turned into an adventure in the teddy bear industry. While still marketing my crafts, I had purchased a teddy bear pattern and made a few just for fun.

That was all it took...I was hooked!

Working with a commercial pattern sparked the desire to create my own unique design of teddy bears and the rest is history. These creations are my passion. I love to watch them come to life and bring on a personality all their own. It is a truly rewarding experience and I am blessed.

Each of my teddy bears are made entirely by me from start to finish.. at a time. Striving for perfection in every creation, I use only the finest quality materials and put a great deal of myself into each bear. Much thought and attention goes into each and every detail of my bears.

Bear making allows me to express myself in my creations. My days are filled with creativity and delight. I find a great deal of enjoyment on this path laid out before me.

I sincerely hope that my teddy bears bring collectors the same joy I experience in creating them.





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